Recommended books for non fiction and Fiction

Since 1997, Carole Sargent has made it her business to read as many as possible of the books published each year for writers, so you don't have to. She only includes books by successful authors and editors who have already proven themselves in the field. This hand-selected list is regularly updated and is always free for you to peruse. It is divided into two groups:

Books on scholarly and nonfiction writing and publishing that Carole likes (includes inspiration titles as well as practical how-to). Be sure to click page two as well.

Carole's favorite books for fiction writers (some of the same titles as the previous list, some different). Be sure to click page two as well.

Legal Resources

Are you frustrated because some lawyer told you it costs a lot of money to secure copyright? Do you worry that someone will steal your book? Exercise your rights and copyright your work for just $35 at the Library of Congress!

Did a publisher offer you a book contract? Please don't sign it until you understand it. Get access to the best legal minds in publishing for just $90/year through the Author's Guild. Carole Sargent founded Georgetown's office in part thanks to expert guidance from Guild Executive Director Paul Aiken, and General Counsel Jan Constantine. Every published author should be a member.


Collaborating with other scholars who are writing is an envigorating and even magical way to work. Groups meet next to Georgetown's main campus in Washington, DC, and Booklab also offers workshops and interactive webinars.

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Here are two archived webinars hosted by Dr. Carole Sargent (free content!). Future webinars will be announced.

Secrets to Finding a Literary Agent: Novels & Short Fiction

Secrets to Finding a Literary Agent: Nonfiction